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BENEFITS:A luxurious, super-antioxidant eye and lip therapy treatment that provides an intense burst of hydration from pure corn silks. Red wine antioxidants and the super-antioxidant spin traps fight free radical damage, preserving the sensitive eye and lip area.

Crystal Dew Drops for Eyes & Lips incorporates the most advanced technology in skin care to date – a synergistic combination of spin traps and liquid crystals. The liquid crystal is an exquisite medium of optically-active crystalline matrix, which is intensely moisturizing and well-received by the skin. Components of our body- from DNA to cell membranes to muscles- exist in a liquid crystal state. In a crystal state of energy, we can receive and broadcast info. When everything is healthy, we are very flexible, and in liquid state, we are elastic. The body is vibrating at a very high frequency. When the body ages, the skin and internal organs become brittle and energy stops flowing because there is so much solid crystallization. The synergistic blend of liquid crystals, when combined with spin traps and applied topically to the skin, gives skin cells a more youthful energetic state. This effectively slows down the aging process.


  • Cholesteryl stearate: plant derived cholesteryl, extremely moisturizing and protective
  • Corn silk (zea mays): emollient derived from corn seeds
  • Spin traps: highly specialized super-antioxidant that protects skin from free radical damage, traps and re-directs free radicals along other pathways, where the body can utilize them for other purposes
  • L-arginine: promotes a lifting and firming effect
  • Resveratrol (red wine): polyphenols with potent antioxidant activity, strengthens elasticity
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